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About Kank’s Store

I am Cynthia Kankeu, I am from Cameroon, I am a mother, an entrepreneur, and a scientist who is passionate about hair even if I had my PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences.

As a scientist, my vision is to never stop researching the best ingredients and the best formulation that will help us satisfy ALL HAIR TYPE.

I truly believe that there are no such things as good or bad hair. If you are not happy with your hair right now, it is probably because the routine that you have does not work for your hair type, density, or porosity. You should never blame your hair but always blame the products (even if it is Kank’s Store).

I formulated hair products designed according to your porosity level using mostly NATURAL INGREDIENTS. The only synthetic ingredients used are those necessary to keep our products safe from microorganisms growth and the emulsifiers. Our products will leave your hair soft, shiny, and strengthened for SEVERAL DAYS.

P.S: you are beautiful just the way you are. If we do not embrace our own hair, who will?


Our Bundles include the following: (HYDRATING AND CURL ENHANCING PRODUCTS)

  1. Shampoo bar ( BESTSELLER) : does not strip your hair and promotes hair growth
  2. Masque: deep conditioner. Leaves your hair instantly SOFT and strengthened
  3. Leave-in: brings moisture
  4. Cream: seals the moisture
  5. Herbal Oil: seals the moisture, treats your scalp and leaves your hair shiny
  6. Curly Cream: defines your curls
  7. Aloe Vera Jelly: defines your curls


Takes time to soak up water
Takes time to air-dry

Price: $127 $101.60


Does not take time to soak up water
Takes a little bit of time to air-dry

Price: $127 $101.60


Soaks up water very quickly
Air-dry very quickly.

Price: $127 $101.60

Are you on a budget?

Try our most popular curl enhancing bundle first

Curl enhancer low porosity

Takes time to soak up water
Takes time to air-dry

Price: $39.99 32.00

Curl enhancer medium porosity

Does not take time to soak up water
Takes a little bit of time to air-dry

Price: $39.99 32.00

Curl enhancer high porosity

Soaks up water very quickly
Air-dry very quickly.

Price: $39.99 32.00
Based on 348 reviews
Curls are poppin

I applied the curly cream first, then the jelly. My curls are soft and juicy.

You will love it

I usually start with the shampoo, and then I let the masque sit 5min to 20 min depending on days. On very wet damp hair I applied a little amount of the aloe Vera leave in while still being in the shower.My Afro is so healthy and moisturized now. Will post another picture and review with the curl enhancers

My fav products

I recently big chopped and oh my gosh I even like those products more. I have been using them for a while now and washing my hair with the shampoo bar has never felt so good now that I have short hair.
I applied the hibiscus masque after the shampoo, rinse it out and followed with the aloe Vera jelly. My curls are defined soft and without that dry feeling that gels usually give.

Lovin it

Awesome product

All I can say is I am feeling mysef

I use the whole hibiscus line and I love it.

ALOE VERA LINE - Low Porosity
Grace Phillips
Ohhhh I am in love

I was struggling with my hair since the winter started. My hair was brittle, dull, and so so dry. When I saw your ad on Facebook, I did not really believe your products would help and it took a few days to finally place an order. When I opened the box and smelled mint, I knew I was going to love it. Applying the shampoo bar on my scalp was divine. The aloe vera masque felt so good and I only used a small amount, my curls were super defined after rinsing it. I mean my hair feels and smells so good now.

ALOE VERA LINE - Low Porosity
Sommer Jones
Moisturized for days!

Thanks to my sister Leigh and niece for using your products and telling me about them! When I saw firsthand how luscious my niece's curls were over the holidays, I knew I had to try these products! have always struggled to find moisturizing products for my low porosity hair that would keep my hair soft, combat dryness, and prevent me from having to manipulate it so much between washes. My curls are so soft, the products smell AMAZING ( I also got the body oil and the moisturizing cream for my body...also amazing!) This is day 3 hair and my curls are still thriving! Can't wait to continue to pamper my hair and watch it continue to thrive with these products! I believe Dr. Kank has a customer for life! Thank you so much for creating transformational products for black women based on science and excellence! :)

My lazy day solution

I have 4b curls, and even if this gel has a weird texture, it gets the job done. I barely had any residues, my hair was shiny and wavy. On top of it I did not have to re touch my hair the whole week ...

This thing really works

I went from dry and unmanageable hair to soft , shiny and even defined curls.

HIBISCUS LINE - High Porosity
Healthy hair

My daughter's hair is so healthy now. We usually keep her hair in braids , but let me tell you that even Weeks after applying these products , when we remove her braids, her hair is still so soft.
Combing her hair is not an issue anymore, we both enjoy spending time doing her hair. So thank you

HIBISCUS LINE - High Porosity
Big yes

It's been a couple of months now that I grabbed this line at the Stafford's market and I love it. My hair was dry and I was shedding a lot. But now my hair is softer and I see less breakage. The hibiscus products even defined my curls.


My skin feels so good now.

Love the smell

This shampoo smells so good, so fresh so natural. It gently cleanses my hair, it does not make my hair frizzy and I can even detangle my hair with it.

Works on color treated

Good product, it does not leave build up. Can't wait to try the masque because my hair is very dry.

Works so well

We use these products in our daughter's hair. Her hair was very dry but now it is moisturized. The curly cream worked also well but for some reasons it made her scalp itchy so we had to stop using it. We are nevertheless really satisfied with the hibiscus products.

ALOE VERA LINE - Low Porosity
Super healthy

My hair has never been so healthy, soft, strong and shiny. The smell of the products last for days!!! So many people have told me that I was smelling good ( but it was actually my hair ). Simply love those products

It's going to be a long review!!!

I have been using Cynthia's products for years now. I had locs for many years and when I decided to cut them, I started my natural hair journey with her products.
I have 4c low porosity hair and I am using her aloe Vera line, hibiscus gel, and curl enhancers.
I do my hair once / week or once every 10 days and I can tell you that my hair is always so moisturized.

I mostly wear my hair in an afro but whenever I want to achieve a perfect twist out, I will use the curly cream.

There was a time when I ended up spending 2 months without doing my hair because her products were out of stock. This is to tell you how obsessed I am with her products and will stick to her brand till the end.

My whole family only uses her products. My niece told her mom that she now likes her afro because of her products.

May God bless her business.

My hair has grown so much

It's been a couple of months now that I consistently use those products and it has been a game changer. I very rarely wear protective style and those products manage to keep my hair moisturized even with the terrible cold weather that we have in Canada.
My hair is healthy, shiny and has grown like crazy.
I really love my hair now and can't do anything without these products
I use the aloe vera line for hydration and the aloe vera jelly when I want to define my curls.
I also use the hibiscus gel whenever I am not feeling like doing my hair.

Toute la famille l'utilise

Believe it or not but I got my son's curls defined without using the curly enhancers but with the hibiscus Line. I use those products on my daughter's hair as well and I love it. Je recommande vivement !!

If your military, they ship to you!!!

I was very grateful when I first saw this product advertised on Instagram. I ordered it and I’m currently stationed in Japan and only took 2-3 weeks to get here. Dr Kanks was so accessible… and even when I had made the mistake and thought that I did not receive the product, they offered to ship another one out free of charge just in case!! I have yet to try the product but this far… it has been a delightful ordering experience. Blessing and great customer service should always be rewarded… blessings and may God help your business grow

Something that finally works for me!!!

So back in November 2021 I got the bar for the first time and OMG!!!! Let’s just say it made my hair extra soft, easy to detangle and moist. So today at the holiday market I just had to find grace again and get more lol, so I got two more bars. Grace is such a down to earth sweet soul sister and I will be seeing her again. Please support this business!!! Shampoo bar is magic 🪄

J'adore vos produits

Juste vous dire que je suis juste trop fan de vos produits. Je les ai découvert par Fabiola qui est une amie à ma sœur, malheureusement j ai du couper mes cheveux il y a 02 mois parce que j avais vraiment abusé avec la chaleur, ils étaient vraiment mort. Et là, regardez par vous même, j ai repris avec une bonne routine avec vos produits et biiiimmmmm!

Merci beaucoup

Omg...from customer service to product quality!!!

First off, let's start with the communication and customer service...it was impeccable! I had a hiccup in receipt and the response to email was rather fast. On top of very respectful, speedy, and intuitively ready to remedy...the replacement of merchandise was speedy and even had a nice little surprise.

Nooooow, the products review- the shampoo bar, EVERYTHING. Minty, clean sensation! When it rinsed. It was SQUEAKY, clean feeling (which I was nervous about the tangle/dry feeling that comes with it) hair was pretty and coils are amaaaaze. I ordered the curl cream and it was a nice experience. Smelled great and the cream was a moisturizer BUT NOT HEAVY. Also got to experience the Aloe Vera Jelly (thankies so much 😉🤗)...I did a twist out and cuuuuuurls were lovely!!! I'm in a humid state so it did shrink but the cuuuurl where still popping!
I workout 6 days a week and the hair was bouncy. I can't wait to get it trained!! I love it! Will be doing the hibiscus for the firm hold experience. Many blessings to you!


I am obsessed with Kank's products. They are the only products I have ever bought that don't ruin my hair overtime . My hair gets dry with every other products I use, no matter how many times I clarify and restart.as an added bonus, these products smell so good . People tell me I smell so good for days after applying them

I love their products

My favorite are the shampoo bar and the hibiscus masque. I leave the masque post shampoo between 5 to 20 min and my hair becomes so soft and smooth. ( I have straight hair )

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