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About Kank’s Store

I am Cynthia Kankeu, I am from Cameroon, I am a mother, an entrepreneur, and a scientist who is passionate about hair even if I had my PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences.

As a scientist, my vision is to never stop researching the best ingredients and the best formulation that will help us satisfy ALL HAIR TYPE.

I truly believe that there are no such things as good or bad hair. If you are not happy with your hair right now, it is probably because the routine that you have does not work for your hair type, density, or porosity. You should never blame your hair but always blame the products (even if it is Kank’s Store).

I formulated hair products designed according to your porosity level using mostly NATURAL INGREDIENTS. The only synthetic ingredients used are those necessary to keep our products safe from microorganisms growth and the emulsifiers. Our products will leave your hair soft, shiny, and strengthened for SEVERAL DAYS.

P.S: you are beautiful just the way you are. If we do not embrace our own hair, who will?


Our Bundles include the following: (HYDRATING AND CURL ENHANCING PRODUCTS)

  1. Shampoo bar ( BESTSELLER) : does not strip your hair and promotes hair growth
  2. Masque: deep conditioner. Leaves your hair instantly SOFT and strengthened
  3. Leave-in: brings moisture
  4. Cream: seals the moisture
  5. Herbal Oil: seals the moisture, treats your scalp and leaves your hair shiny
  6. Curly Cream: defines your curls
  7. Aloe Vera Jelly: defines your curls


Takes time to soak up water
Takes time to air-dry

Price: $127 $101.60


Does not take time to soak up water
Takes a little bit of time to air-dry

Price: $127 $101.60


Soaks up water very quickly
Air-dry very quickly.

Price: $127 $101.60

Are you on a budget?

Try our most popular curl enhancing bundle first

Curl enhancer low porosity

Takes time to soak up water
Takes time to air-dry

Price: $39.99 32.00

Curl enhancer medium porosity

Does not take time to soak up water
Takes a little bit of time to air-dry

Price: $39.99 32.00

Curl enhancer high porosity

Soaks up water very quickly
Air-dry very quickly.

Price: $39.99 32.00
Based on 466 reviews
I tried the high porosity this time

I have medium porosity and I tried the high one and it also works well. Not heavy at all and my curls were defined for a couple of days. Still very moisturized


Love this brand.

That stuff truly works

I wish I would have taken a before picture. I had those very dark spots under my chin due to ingrown hair and also some on my cheek. And damn it started to fade . What’s also surprising is that my neck was kind of rough like there was invisible pimples and now it is smooth. So it’s been only 2 weeks that I have been using those products. Here is my routine : every morning I use the toner first then I apply the serum and the facial lotion.
Once / week I use the turmeric scrub and the clay mask.
I am also trying to keep the same routine at night but have been very lazy .
I am still shocked by how quickly it worked. Will definitely try to find some before pictures

Amazing products

Those are some good quality products. Highly recommend them

20 years of struggle

After 20 years of being insecure of my thick, coarse, unruly hair, I have finally found a product that makes me feel good. Feels good, smells good, looks good!! I will never go back to another product line again! Thank you Kanks!

Best natural product out there

Micahya sold this product to me at the Farmers market and I have been using it for months now. It’s not greasy and keeps my hair hydrated.

Still my fav products

I tried the heavyweight and it worked well but the curly cream is still my fav.

Amazing products

I tried the jelly heavyweight first and I loved it, I came back to the market a couple of days later to grab the curly cream.

Keep on re-ordering

I live in Europe and have to stock up on those products every time I order to save money on shipping fees.
These products literally transformed my kids hair.
My baby girls are so proud of their hair now and it means a lot to me. They all have moisturized hair now. We have been using these products for a year now...

Best products ever

Highly recommend these products. My hair was not greasy and my curls extremely defined.

Your products are the best

So glad I found you at the Occoquan festival.

Thank you

You curl cream has litteraly changed my hair.

Recommend it

Hello Dr. Kank! Thank you for helping my hair behave. Bought your product at the Charlottesville City Farmer's Market.

P. Gutter
Aloe Jelly

Product is great. Great curl definition!

Love it

We love the Hibiscus leave in! I’m trying to start my daughter on a hair regime to maintain her beautiful curls. Thank you for making a safe product to use on my baby!

Absolute fav

I’m sitting in the bathroom for the millionth time in the last 2 weeks putting on the body lotion. Absolute favorite. The scent is now an all time favorite.
Also, I have been looking for a leave in hair product for a couple years now. My hair always looks like it needs a wash after using like any product I tried and I’ve tried a lot. The ends of my hair always look so poofy too and even though my hair is long, it dries in 5 minutes after the shower.
I learned at the farmers market that I have high porosity hair and was recommended the hibiscus leave in…. Omg! I’m obsessed.
My hair looks so healthy and airy. Bouncy even!
And it smells amazing. Sometimes I apply more than I should because I love the smell and I’ve found that my hair just soaks it right up instead of giving me that heaviness I used to get from other products.
I’m so glad I went to the farmers market to find my hair and skincare needs. I’m already eyeing the hibiscus bundle on their website lol!

Please make sure you grab it

Just look at my hair with / without products .I don’t even need to leave a review. The picture speaks for itself ! Great product
And I did not have white particles when my hair was fully dry.

No more knots

Wash day used to be stressful but this was before Kanks. This bar detangles my hair. I even used a comb and was scared at first because it was squeaky but surprisingly it also had a good slip.

Great product

I sampled the curly cream at the Stafford's market and I must say that I was surprised by how well it got my curls Poppin on dry hair!
Got a jar and will use it on freshly washed hair and will post more pictures.
Also, the product smells good.

No more dandruffs

My son has a dry scalp and a lot of dandruff. I have eczema and was struggling with my curly hair. We have been using Cynthia’s natural products for a while now and I love everything she makes. My son’s dandruff are gone, my skin feels great and my curls are poppin.
I love the fact that her products are handmade and natural.

My baby’s hair is in heaven

He went from dry hair to shiny and moisturized curls. I simply love it.

Great product and great service!

I found the Low Porosity product at my local farmer's market. I love how it defines my curls, dries clear and has no flakes. I have since ordered online when I run low. I love that I got a skin bath bar to try out too. Definitely recommend!

Thank you

This product is amazing. My hair is not dry and for the first time going natural after having a perm for 30 years, I got so many complements. Awesome product.

Very satisfied

Very happy customer! I wish I could rate 10 stars, this product does the job so good on my thick kinky hair. I have not found any product out there as good as this one. I am in love and so is my hair . Definitely will buy more

My husband loves it

My husband is very sensitive to fragrance but this one he loves it!!! He keeps on telling me that I smell good. This is day 2 wash and go and I love it

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