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Curly Creams

Curly Creams

Organic and handmade products designed to leave your hair hydrated, soft, and shiny. Formulated with Flaxseeds to define your curls while nourishing them.  Flaxseeds are rich in vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acid which protect hair from environmental damages and prevent hair drying. These curly creams are designed for those who have Afro hair (type 4C, 4B, 4A or 3 types) and Caucasian with wavy hair. Our curly creams do not work with those who have straight hair whether it is relaxed or naturally straight. Our curly creams do not create curls but enhance your natural curls. You will simply define your natural beautiful curls that you get when you hair is wet. If your hair does not curl when being wet you will have to install twists or any other techniques which create curls.

No crunch, No flakes, No residues.

Our products are handmade with love, care and passion. We focus on quality rather than quantity and for that reason the shelf life of our products is between 9-15 months. Please note that due to the natural ingredients and the nature of the handmade production, batches might differ from time to time. However, be reassured that we strive to produce a quality product each time and we will always be transparent.

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