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Curly Creams

Make sure to figure out what your porosity level is before choosing one of our curl enhancers. 

  • Low porosity hair takes time to get wet under the shower and takes time to air-dry.
  • Medium porosity hair soaks water quickly but takes a little bit of time to air-dry. 
  • High porosity hair soaks water super quickly and air-dry super quickly.

Our system does not create curls but enhances your natural curl pattern. If your hair is not really curly, you will have to do a twist out and unravel your twist when your hair is fully dry.

No crunch, no flakes, no residues.

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Curly Cream Low Porosity HairCurly Cream Low Porosity Hair
Curly Cream High Porosity HairCurly Cream High Porosity Hair
Curly Cream Medium Porosity HairCurly Cream Medium Porosity Hair