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Organic and handmade products designed to define your curls. Perfect for those who have Afro hair (whether you have 4C, 4B, or 4A curls) wavy, and frizzy hair. Formulated with Aloe Vera to define your curls while nourishing them.  Aloe Vera jelly does not leave flakes nor residue and most importantly it does not leave your hair DRY. If you have never used a gel that defines your curls and gives them body you do not know what you are missing out on.

Dr Kank’s advice: Start by making 4 or 8 sections of clean and wet (preferable) or dry hair. Work a generous amount of product into hair until your curls pop. Gently brush through for even distribution. Install twists if your hair does not spontaneously curl and unravel them once your hair is fully dry.

Les conseils du Dr Kank’s : Faites 4 ou 8 sections dans vos cheveux. Appliquez une généreuse quantité de jelly sur cheveux propres et humides (préférable) ou secs jusqu’a ce que vos boucles apparaissent. Brosser vos cheveux. Faites des twists si vos cheveux ne bouclent pas spontanément et détacher les une fois vos cheveux secs.

Natural Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera, Canola Oil.

Synthetic Ingredients: Carbomer, TEA, Hydantoin, Glycerin, Fragrance


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Customer Reviews

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Amirah Clowers
Soft bouncy curls

I’ve always had issues with finding the right products to make my curls pop. Gel usually leaves my hair very dry. I’ve finally found a gel that brings out my curl definition and leaves my hair soft and moisturized. Thank you so much for such a great product. ❤️🌹

Ça définit bien les boucles

Très bon produit. Il ne laisse pas de résidus et les boucles sont définies et brillantes.

Mes boucles étaient soyeuses

J'ai commencé avec la gamme hibiscus pendant deux semaines. Et une fois que mes cheveux étaient bien hydratés j'ai commandé le gel.
Ça marche vraiment bien, j'avais peur que ça laisse mes cheveux secs mais pas du tout, mes cheveux étaient hydratés. Les boucles étaient soyeuses, brillantes. Je suis vraiment contente.

This wet look is something!!

Those products are simply amazing. The shampoo bar is my favorite but they all work great ( I use all of their products) The masque really deep conditioned my hair and even defined my curls. I simply did a wash and go with the jelly and the results were great. I really enjoyed the wet look. I was not expecting my hair to be soft and shiny using a gel. Also it smells very good and even my BF noticed that nice smell. I am telling you they have great products.

Amanda Wallwin
Them curls are fire

I love it I love it and can't get enough of it. When you open the jar you notice that fresh and light smell. You also notice how lightweight this gel is. It defines my curls very well and leaves a shiny wet look that I love. Without this gel my hair is not curly at all. Look at the picture

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