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CURL ENHANCERS - High Porosity

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Discover Lustrous, Defined Curls with Dr. Kanks’ High Porosity Curl Enhancers

Transform your high porosity hair into a canvas of perfect curls with Dr. Kanks’ High Porosity Curl Enhancers ( Aloe Vera Jelly & Curly Cream ) If you’ve been battling with quick moisture loss, our specially formulated products are your ideal solution.

HIGH POROSITY CURLY CREAM: Dive into the world of enhanced curl definition with our High Porosity Curly Cream. Specially formulated with an acidic pH, this cream works wonders by tightening up the hair’s cuticles. This crucial feature helps to lock in moisture and prevent rapid water evaporation that is typical with high porosity hair. Rich in nourishing olive oil and hydrating flaxseeds, it penetrates deeply, ensuring your curls are moisturized, defined, and resilient without any heaviness or residue.

ALOE VERA JELLY: Complement your curl care with our Aloe Vera Jelly. It leverages the natural healing properties of aloe vera, enriched with a blend designed to seal in hydration and impart a radiant, healthy glow to your curls. This jelly provides long-lasting definition and shine, giving your curls the attention they deserve.

Why Our High Porosity Curl Enhancers Stand Out:

  • Tailored for Moisture Retention: Specifically designed for hair that loses moisture quickly, our products help maintain hydration all day.
  • Cuticle-Smoothing Technology: The acidic pH of our formulations ensures that cuticles lay flat, reducing moisture loss and enhancing curl retention.
  • Natural and Nutritive Ingredients: Flaxseeds and olive oil deeply nourish and strengthen your curls, promoting overall hair health and vibrancy.

Empower your curls with the science-backed nourishment of Dr. Kanks’ High Porosity Curl Enhancers. Say goodbye to dry, lifeless curls and hello to vibrant, defined, and hydrated curls that last!

Dr. Kank’s adviceStart by making 4 or 8 sections of clean and wet (preferable) or dry hair. Work a small amount of curly cream first. The curly cream will be used to simply moisturized your hair and the jelly to activate your curls so do not apply a big amount of curly cream. Follow with a nice amount of jelly without saturating your hair with products to avoid products build up.


Aloe Vera Jelly: Water, Aloe Vera, Carbomer, TEA, Glycerin, Natural Fragrance (phthalate-free) Benzylalcohol-DHA. 16 oz

Curly Cream: Water, Flaxseeds, Green Tea, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Canola Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Benzylalcohol-DHA, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Non-sulfate derived from rapeseed oils), Lactic Acid, Natural Fragrance (phthalate-free). 12 oz

P.S: We do offer fragrance-free products ( essential oils only ). 

If you would like to weigh down your curls and elongate them, choose the heavyweight consistency.

(It does provide a bit of hold but does not leave your hair crunchy)


Aloe Vera Jelly Consistency:
CURL ENHANCERS - High Porosity
CURL ENHANCERS - High Porosity Prix de vente$46.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
The best

I use the curly cream medium porosity. My wife loves the hair fragrance, body wash, aloe vera hair line for our daughter. we grab our products at the Dale city Farmer’s markets and have been using Dr.Kanks products since 2021!


My sister introduced us to these products a couple of years ago and my whole family started to use them. My daughter is now happy to wear her new short hairstyle because of the jelly heavyweight.
Thanks Cynthia.

I highly recommend this gel

So I am ready to wash my hair and my curls are still defined after a whole week.
My hair is so soft and as you can see, I even have no residues! This is insane, no residues no flakes. I used other brands in the past and let me tell you nothing compares to this. I don’t have to be afraid of flakes falling on my shoulder or people staring at my hair while I wonder if it’s because my hair looks dirty because of the residues…

Best products ever

Look at my hair on day 2 and I simply sleep with a bonnet at night without having to retwist my hair. There was a time when I would have to add so many products on a daily basis to get these curls!!!

Hair is moisturized, curls defined!

So I am struggling with heat damaged and I have a hard time wearing my hair in an Afro these days. My hair is also very dry and I did not know what to do.
I used the aloe products for moisture and tried a Bantu knot with the jelly and let me tell you, my curls were really defined and NOT dry at all.
I have never used a gel that does not leave my hair dry. Really happy with my purchase.