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Dry, dull, and brittle hair

Ready to grab some amazing hair products that will enhance your natural beauty?

Step 1: Figure out what your porosity is
P.s: please, read the text explaining the different porosity levels. Don't just look at the pictures.

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HIBISCUS LINE - High Porosity Bundle
ALOE VERA LINE - Low Porosity Hair Bundle
Hibiscus Masque - High PorosityHibiscus Masque - High Porosity
Aloe Vera Masque - Low PorosityAloe Vera Masque - Low Porosity
Aloe Vera Leave-In - Low PorosityAloe Vera Leave-In - Low Porosity
Hibiscus Leave-In - High PorosityHibiscus Leave-In - High Porosity
HERBAL OIL TREATMENT Prix de vente$20.99
Aloe Vera Cream - Low PorosityAloe Vera Cream - Low Porosity
Hibiscus Cream - High PorosityHibiscus Cream - High Porosity