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Organic and handmade products designed to sleek your hair. Hibiscus Gel is perfect for those who have very coarse hair and have a hard time achieving a sleek ponytail. This gel leaves your hair dry and crunchy but we added Hibiscus Oil to protect your hair. After 3 to 4 days it is possible that you notice residues, if this is the case just put a little bit of water into your hands and rub it to your hair, water will remove the residues. One good thing with this gel is that after 3 or 4 days the effect of the gel will go away and your hair won't be crunchy anymore. 

Dr Kank’s advice: Take a small amount of gel and rub it into your hands until its consistency becomes less solid. To avoid having residues we highly recommend not mixing the gel with other products and to start onto freshly cleaned hair. Apply on wet or dry hair and gently brush (make sure the product has fully penetrated and you do not see any white particles). If you have hard time getting rid of the white particles from the gel, spray a little bit of water and brush again. DON'T style your hair if you still notice white particles, otherwise those particles will transform into residues the next day.  Wrap your hair with a scarf for 5 min.

Les conseils du Dr Kank’s : Prenez une petite quantité de gel et frotter la dans vos mains jusqu’a ce que la consistence soit moins solide. Nous vous recommandons d'appliquer le gel sur cheveux PROPRES afin de ne pas avoir de résidus. Appliquer le gel sur cheveux humides ou secs. Mais nous vous recommandons d’appliquer cheveux bien humides afin que le gel pénètre plus facilement.  Brosser vos cheveux jusqu'à ce que la couleur blanche du gel ne soit plus visible sur vos cheveux. Si les particules blanches du gel sont encore visibles ça veut dire que le gel n'a pas bien pénétré vos cheveux. Vous devez donc continuer à brosser jusqu'à ce qu'il n'y ait plus de particules. Sinon ces particules se transformeront en résidus un jour plus tard . Si vous avez du mal à brosser vos cheveux avec le gel dessus, vaporisez un peu d'eau.  Attacher un foulard pendant 5 min.

Natural ingredients: Water, Hibiscus Flower, Canola Oil.

Synthetic Ingredients: Carbomer, TEA, Hydantoin, PVP, Glycerin, Fragrance.


Customer Reviews

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On adore

J'ai testé ce gel sur les cheveux de ma nièce et on a adoré. Je n'en ai pas appliqué beaucoup et le gel a quand même réussi à discipliner ses cheveux. Elle était toute mignonne. Pas de résidus ni d'effets carton.


Du jamais vu. Un gel qui plaque mes cheveux pendant 3 jours. Je n'en reviens toujours pas. Merci beaucoup Kank's

What are you waiting for?

Just order it and try it you won't be disappointed. I use it on my boys hair and let me tell you that they have shiny and sleek waves without even using a scarf.

Shine shine

It is the shine for me. This gel works so well. I have 4c coarse hair and I have used so many gels that never get the job done. This gel was able to lay down even my baby hair for days!!!! Amazing product

Not your average Gel.

Definitely not your average gel. After trying several popular gels on the market, i gave up on gels altogether. But not this one. Makes hair lay flat. For days!!! The consistency is a little different though. You have to work it a bit. But I'd gladly do so if it means using a gel that works.

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