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Afro or Wavy Hair

Ready to grab some amazing hair products that will enhance your natural beauty?

Step 1: Figure out what your porosity is

P.s: please, read the text explaining the different porosity levels. Don't just look at the pictures.

Step 2: Figure out what your concerns are

Struggling with dry, dull or brittle hair? Grab one of our hydrating lines

Trying to get defined curls? Grab one of our curl enhancers

Step 3: Pick the right products


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14 produits


Curly Cream Low PorosityCurly Cream Low Porosity
Curly Cream Low Porosity Prix de vente$23.49
Curly Cream Medium PorosityCurly Cream Medium Porosity
Curly Cream High PorosityCurly Cream High Porosity
HIBISCUS LINE - High Porosity Bundle
ALOE VERA LINE - Low Porosity Bundle
CURL ENHANCERS - Medium Porosity
CURL ENHANCERS - High Porosity
Afro Low Porosity Hair Bundle
Afro High Porosity Hair Bundle
Afro Medium Porosity Hair Bundle
Type 2A Hair Bundle
Type 2A Hair Bundle Prix de vente$90.00
Type 2C Hair Bundle
Type 2C Hair Bundle Prix de vente$109.00
Sleeked Ponytail - Coarse Hair Bundle