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Hibiscus Masque - High Porosity


Our Hibiscus Masque is designed to instantly soften your hair. Formulated with FRESH and natural ingredients such as Okra to detangle your knots and nourish your hair. 

Dr Kank’s advice: Apply a generous amount of this masque right after your shampoo. Let it sit 5-30 min under a plastic cap or a steamer. We recommend not to use a steamer if you have high porosity hair. Rinse thoroughly and seal the hydration with the other products of the Hibiscus Line.

Les conseils du Dr Kank’s: Appliquer une généreuse quantité du masque sur cheveux mouillés juste après votre shampoing. Laisser poser entre 5-30 min sous un plastique ou un casque à vapeur. Nous vous recommandons de ne pas utiliser de casque à vapeur si vous avez une forte porosité. Rincer et sceller l’hydratation en appliquant les autres produits de la gamme Hibiscus.

Natural Ingredients: Water, Okra, Hibiscus Flower, Green Tea, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Starch.

Synthetic Ingredients: Tocopherol (Vit E), Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Non-sulfate derived from rapeseed oils), Glycerin, Benzylalcohol-DHA, Fragrance.

12 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Love it

We love the Hibiscus leave in! I’m trying to start my daughter on a hair regime to maintain her beautiful curls. Thank you for making a safe product to use on my baby!

Vanessa B
Absolute fav

I’m sitting in the bathroom for the millionth time in the last 2 weeks putting on the body lotion. Absolute favorite. The scent is now an all time favorite.
Also, I have been looking for a leave in hair product for a couple years now. My hair always looks like it needs a wash after using like any product I tried and I’ve tried a lot. The ends of my hair always look so poofy too and even though my hair is long, it dries in 5 minutes after the shower.
I learned at the farmers market that I have high porosity hair and was recommended the hibiscus leave in…. Omg! I’m obsessed.
My hair looks so healthy and airy. Bouncy even!
And it smells amazing. Sometimes I apply more than I should because I love the smell and I’ve found that my hair just soaks it right up instead of giving me that heaviness I used to get from other products.
I’m so glad I went to the farmers market to find my hair and skincare needs. I’m already eyeing the hibiscus bundle on their website lol!

No more knots

Wash day used to be stressful but this was before Kanks. This bar detangles my hair. I even used a comb and was scared at first because it was squeaky but surprisingly it also had a good slip.

No more dandruffs

My son has a dry scalp and a lot of dandruff. I have eczema and was struggling with my curly hair. We have been using Cynthia’s natural products for a while now and I love everything she makes. My son’s dandruff are gone, my skin feels great and my curls are poppin.
I love the fact that her products are handmade and natural.

Good moisturizer

I use the hibiscus masque and the curly cream and the masque leaves my hair very moisturized.

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