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CURL ENHANCERS - Medium Porosity

Sale price$46.00

This bundle includes a Curly Cream and a Jelly.

Products of this line will help you define your curls. The CURLY CREAM is made of flaxseeds and the  ALOE VERA JELLY is enriched with aloe vera. They both defined your curls without flakes, residues nor crunchy effect.

The Curly Cream leaves your hair super soft and the Aloe Vera Jelly leaves a wet look.

You can combine those products together to get super-defined and soft bouncy curls.

Dr. Kank’s adviceStart by making 4 or 8 sections of clean and wet (preferable) or dry hair. Work a generous amount of Jelly first. Follow with a little bit of Curly cream.


Aloe Vera Jelly: Water, Aloe Vera, Carbomer, TEA, Hydantoin, Glycerin, Natural Fragrance (phthalate-free). 16 oz.

Curly Cream: Water, Flaxseeds, Green Tea, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Benzylalcohol-DHA, Lactic Acid, Natural Fragrance (phthalate-free).

12 oz.

If you would like to weigh down your curls and elongate them, choose the heavyweight consistency.

(it does provide a bit of hold but does not leave your hair crunchy)

Aloe Vera Jelly Consistency:
CURL ENHANCERS - Medium Porosity
CURL ENHANCERS - Medium Porosity Sale price$46.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Excellent product

I tried a tiny bit at Dorey farmers market and I love it. It instantly defined my curls.

I did not even know my hair could be that curly!

I am a huge fan of the aloe vera line. I have been using it for years now and my hair is always moisturized even during winter time and I live in Canada …
My sister did my wash n go using the jelly and my curls are so beautiful!!!!
Love it. You killing it Sissyta

Finally found a hair holy grail again!!

I saw a stand at Dale City Farmers Market. Do you know how long it's been since I found a product that did everything I needed and I only needed to use this ONE product?? No more needing to use a leave-in, then curl cream, then a frizz/gel control on my hair. I used the Medium porosity alone, on fresh washed hair, did my regular wash and go, and my hair was on point!! In the picture attached, my hair is maybe at 75% dry and there still isnt a cast on it. Very well made product!

Love it

I grabbed mine at wegmans and I love it

I tried the high porosity this time

I have medium porosity and I tried the high one and it also works well. Not heavy at all and my curls were defined for a couple of days. Still very moisturized