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HIBISCUS LINE - High Porosity Hair Bundle

Sale price$96.00

🚫Are you feeling like your hair just drinks up leave-in products without ever staying moisturized? No matter how much you apply, does your hair remain dry and thirsty? Well, this line is for you!

🌵Discover the Transformative Power of the Hibiscus Line for High Porosity Hair

Indulge your hair in the luxuriously crafted Hibiscus Line, meticulously formulated to cater to the unique needs of normal to high porosity hair. Our organic, handcrafted products are your secret to maintaining hydrated, soft, and luminous hair for days on end.

Why Choose the Hibiscus Line?

  • Deep Nourishment: Infused with the natural potency of Hibiscus Flower, each product in the line is designed to strengthen your strands, enhance thickness, and impart a radiant shine that doesn’t fade.
  • Moisture Retention: Tailored to address the challenges of high porosity hair, our products feature a balanced pH that effectively opens cuticles for deep hydration with our leave-in conditioner. Follow up with our Hibiscus Cream and Herbal Oil to seal in moisture and tighten cuticles, ensuring prolonged hydration and preventing moisture loss.
  • Lasting Brilliance: Experience the joy of vibrant, healthy hair that stays moisturized without the hassle of frequent reapplication. Our carefully selected ingredients work in harmony to keep your hair looking exceptional, day after day.

Embrace the full Hibiscus Line for a holistic hair care routine that transforms high porosity hair from dry and dull to supple and sparkling. Step into a world where your hair doesn’t just survive - it thrives.

This bundle comes with:

  1. Shampoo Bar: does not strip your hair and promotes GROWTH ( Due to its high concentration in Peppermint Essential Oil, we do not recommend using it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding). 4oz
  2. Hibiscus Masque: leaves your hair instantly SOFT and strengthened. 12 oz
  3. Hibiscus Leave-in: brings MOISTURE. 8 oz
  4. Hibiscus Cream: seals the MOISTURE. 4 oz
  5. Herbal Oil: seals the moisture, treats your scalp and leaves your hair SHINY.      8 oz

Dr Kank’s advice: 

LCO Method for hydration: Start by making 4 or 8 sections of clean and wet hair. Work a generous amount of leave-in into hair until your curls pop. Gently comb through for even distribution. Follow with the cream, then the herbal oil. To retain moisture for several days, we recommend twisting or braiding your hair and unraveling the braids a day later.

Les conseils du Dr Kank’s: Faites 4 ou 8 sections dans vos cheveux. Appliquez une généreuse quantité de leave-in sur cheveux propres jusqu’a ce  que vos boucles apparaissent. Peignez vos cheveux et sceller l’hydratation avec les autres produits de la gamme. Faites des tresses que vous détacherez le lendemain afin de garder l’hydratation le plus longtemps.

Natural Ingredients: Water, Hibiscus, Green Tea, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Corn Starch, Honey, Okra, Flaxseeds, Oregano, Parsley, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Marjoram.

Synthetic Ingredients: Glyceryl Stearate, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Non-sulfate derived from rapeseed oils), Glycerin, Benzylalcohol-DHA, Fragrance.

P.S: We do offer fragrance-free products ( essential oils only ). 

Explore the Natural Elegance of Our Hibiscus Line

Renowned for its profound benefits in traditional Indian hair care, Hibiscus is the star of our signature line. Celebrated for its ability to reduce hair fall, prevent premature graying, and enhance hair thickness and shine, this vibrant flower is a powerhouse of nourishment. Rich in essential vitamins and amino acids, Hibiscus strengthens hair from root to tip and alleviates common scalp issues like itchiness and dandruff.

The natural pink hue of our Hibiscus Line mirrors the actual color of the flower. We commit to purity, avoiding synthetic dyes, which allows the color to brighten when exposed to light. Please note that variations in shade may occur, as each batch reflects the unique origin of its ingredients, sourced with care from regions like Cameroon and Senegal.

Handcrafted with dedication, our products are made with a focus on maintaining high quality over quantity. As a result, our Hibiscus Line boasts a shelf life of 9-15 months, ensuring you receive fresh, effective products crafted with love, care, and passion.

HIBISCUS LINE - High Porosity Hair Bundle
HIBISCUS LINE - High Porosity Hair Bundle Sale price$96.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 185 reviews
Amazing products

Those are some good quality products. Highly recommend them

Keep on re-ordering

I live in Europe and have to stock up on those products every time I order to save money on shipping fees.
These products literally transformed my kids hair.
My baby girls are so proud of their hair now and it means a lot to me. They all have moisturized hair now. We have been using these products for a year now...

Love it

We love the Hibiscus leave in! I’m trying to start my daughter on a hair regime to maintain her beautiful curls. Thank you for making a safe product to use on my baby!

Vanessa B
Absolute fav

I’m sitting in the bathroom for the millionth time in the last 2 weeks putting on the body lotion. Absolute favorite. The scent is now an all time favorite.
Also, I have been looking for a leave in hair product for a couple years now. My hair always looks like it needs a wash after using like any product I tried and I’ve tried a lot. The ends of my hair always look so poofy too and even though my hair is long, it dries in 5 minutes after the shower.
I learned at the farmers market that I have high porosity hair and was recommended the hibiscus leave in…. Omg! I’m obsessed.
My hair looks so healthy and airy. Bouncy even!
And it smells amazing. Sometimes I apply more than I should because I love the smell and I’ve found that my hair just soaks it right up instead of giving me that heaviness I used to get from other products.
I’m so glad I went to the farmers market to find my hair and skincare needs. I’m already eyeing the hibiscus bundle on their website lol!

No more knots

Wash day used to be stressful but this was before Kanks. This bar detangles my hair. I even used a comb and was scared at first because it was squeaky but surprisingly it also had a good slip.