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Article: 5 Easy Tips To Avoid Dry or Brittle Hair

Avoid Dry or Brittle Hair
Avoid Brittle Hair

5 Easy Tips To Avoid Dry or Brittle Hair

Dry hair is a nightmare for some of us. I remember when I was still struggling with my hair and will have to wear wigs 24h/day because I did not know how to take care of my hair. (and honestly, also because I thought that I was more pretty with wigs, but that’s another debate, lol). My hair was so dry, brittle, dull, and it took me years to finally embrace and love it. In this article, we talk about how to avoid dry or brittle hair? 

You have to know that Afro hair tends to be dryer than other hair types simply because the sebum has a hard time reaching the ends of your hair. Because of its curvy shape,  the sebum has a hard time migrating from the roots to the ends. As a result, it can’t properly seal the moisture provided by water and lubricate your ends. It will therefore be challenging to naturally keep your hair soft and moisturized if you do not use any hydrating products.

How To Avoid Dry or Brittle Hair?

Here is a list of 5 easy tips to avoid dry or brittle hair.

  1. Drink a lot of water: you must understand that hydration comes first from the inside.
  2. Apply a leave-in conditioner, seal the moisture with an oil or /and a cream, and then braid your hair. By braiding your hair, your hair will remain wet for a longer period.
  3. Every time you spray water onto your hair during the week, seal in the moisture with a little bit of oil. Coconut oil is a great oil to prevent water loss from the inner layers of your hair shaft.
  4. Sleep with a satin scarf at night.
  5. Avoid straightening your hair or using a blow dryer too often.

Extra Tips

Look at the list of ingredients of your hydrating products and look if they contain humectants. Those molecules will draw moisture from the air and bring them into your hair. Avoid products that contain silicones and sulfates, as they will, over time, leave your hair super dry.


  • Natural: Honey, Molasses, Aloe Vera.
  • Synthetic: Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Urea, Sorbitol, Xylitol.

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I really love your Hibiscus Masque. It left my hair super soft and I even noticed some some curl definition! I had been looking for a deep conditioner/ masque that works on my hair for a long time and now I have one! I will definitely be coming back for more and I am excited to try your other products as well!


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