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Smell good from head to toes with this bundle. 

1. HAIR FRAGRANCE : our hair fragrance smells incredibly good and it is not oily. So be reassured that you won’t have a greasy scalp. Besides, one « pssst » is all you need. The fragrance oil has been diluted into aloe Vera juice and glycerin to keep your hair moisturized. 
It works also very well on synthetic hair.

2. BEETROOT BODY SCRUB: beetroot is rich in Vitamin C. This sugar body scrub will exfoliate your body and remove dead cells. Your legs will already feel so soft after using it. Should I also mention that it smells good?

3. BODY OIL ( BESTSELLER !!! ): this body oil is a must-have for every woman. It keeps your body shiny without being sticky. On top of that, it smells INCREDIBLY GOOD. 
Everyone person who smells this oil and touches it simply buys it. You should definitely give it a try and say hello to a nice glow.


HAIR FRAGRANCE : Aloe Vera juice, glycerin , natural fragrance ( phthalate - free ), Benzyl alcohol - DHA. 4 oz

BEETROOT SCRUB: sugar, canola oil, beetroot, Benzyl alcohol - DHA, natural fragrance ( phthalate - free ). 8oz


BODY OIL : Kalahari melon seed oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, almond oil, shea butter. 4 oz

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This was my first time trying the smell good bundle. It has a nice fruity smell. Your skin will thank you. I'll be purchasing this bundle again.